While I highly recommend walking over riding to stay fit and loose, I realize that’s not always possible. The good news for riders is that the golf cart, with all its handles and supports, is really well suited to helping you stay limber during the round. Golf is a hurry-up-and-wait sport, so it’s important to keep stretching whenever you find yourself standing around waiting to hit. For even the quickest players, an 18-hole round of golf takes just under four hours.  During that time the muscles that you activated in your pre-golf warm up will become tight and fatigued which is why you need stretches you can do while you play.

The goal would be to perform each of these stretches once or twice throughout your round to loosen up tight areas, which typically is the shoulders and arms early in the round. As you play, however, it’s your legs and back that normally become tired and tight so you’ll want to focus on those areas as your round progresses.

All of these stretches are “holding” drills so you’ll want to pause for two breaths during each repetition. If you feel tight in a particular area, repeat the stretch, otherwise you can move on to the next drill.


Additional stretches you can perform before and during your round of golf, can be found in my book "Fit for Golf / Fit for Life".  Order your copy today.

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