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Fit For Golf / Fit For Life

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Why do Tour pros make the game look so effortless?

Sure, talent and practice help, but the one thing that really separates them from the rest of us is physical function— their bodies work the way they’re supposed to so they can make the swing they need to. But now with Randy Myers’ Fit for Golf, Fit for Life: The Ultimate Golf Fitness and Flexibility Guide, you can learn their secrets and finally get rid of the restrictions that have been holding you back.

The book is filled with simple yet effective exercises and stretches to free up your swing so you hit the ball farther and straighter and extend your playing years. This is a tour- tested fitness regime you can do at home or on the road in your spare time that is sure to improve your game. Dozens of photographs and easy-to-understand instructions will show you how to recapture flexibility, gain distance, and recover from and prevent injuries.

The exercises IN THE BOOK will allow you to:

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve your balance
  • Increasing your mobility and stability
  • Build the right amount of muscle
  • Stay loose during the round

Size: 7” X 10.25” • 160 pages


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