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Leverage Discs

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Go Beyond Balance: Why Leverage Discs?

Leverage Discs are patented, air-filled discs with a hole in the middle specially designed for golfers to develop explosive rotational movements. Leverage Discs are completely different from generic balance discs with a bulge in the middle which are most commonly used for static balance exercises.

Leverage Discs’ unique “hole in the middle” design will develop an optimal downswing transition to unleash full energy at impact while emphasising compression against the ground. The result is maximum club head speed through the ball.

Leverage Discs’ straightforward drills will help to improve lower body joint strength and stability, which are keys to improving ball-striking skill through effective timing and rhythm.

Train lower body to stop muscles:

Additional drills and benefits:

Start slow and make sure not to tip over on the Leverage Discs. Hold the finish. You are strengthening your stop muscles.

Help prevent swaying:

sbg3Stores the all transfer energy inside of the right foot for right-handed golfers.

Help prevent swaying:

Help eliminate negative upper body activity during down swing.

Impact stability and staying with the impact:

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